Monday, August 17, 2015

Fashionista Roanoke

Fashionista Roanoke, an educational and social fashion organization founded in Roanoke, Virginia, in 2008

 Fashionista brings attention to the importance of the aesthetic element in our lives, by promoting education, and marketing stylish and healthy-living through enhancement and empowering multicultural members.

"Charity Through Fashion"
Fashionista Roanoke is an aspiring non-profit organization that brings fashion shows and other related events to the Roanoke Valley. Their  goal is to provide charity through fashion! Raising donations at  events to support local charities and our community. 

Fashionista Roanoke has been featured on WSLS’s Daytime Blueridge, Joy Sutton’s Hour of Joy, as well as in Informative Q magazine and the Roanoke Times. 

Regularly partner with other Roanoke Valley organizations to host events with an emphasis on the arts and philanthropy.

 For more information, call 540.293.8589 or

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